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Intake Assessments


When you book your intake assessment, you’ll be sent a few forms to review to ensure that you're aware of the policies and procedures relevant to the intake process. You'll also receive a link to schedule a brief telephone discussion with Dr. Tapscott, where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss the information you reviewed and have your questions addressed. Assuming that you decide to move forward with the assessment after this phone call, you will receive a secure link to complete some questionnaires in advance of your intake appointment. The background information you provide through these questionnaires will help streamline your interview.


Intake assessments are booked for 90 minutes and cost $375. During the interview, you'll be asked about the specific problems you're having and how they're interfering with your day-to-day life. You can expect to discuss such topics as your mood, sleep habits, substance use, lifestyle, family dynamics, social support system, employment, financial circumstances, and physical health, as well as other factors that could help us understand your unique background (e.g., cultural considerations, religious or spiritual beliefs, sexual or gender identity, important life events, and/or anticipated stressors). You'll also be asked to share some of your personal strengths and some of the strategies you’ve already developed to manage life’s challenges, and you'll be asked about your personal goals in seeking services. 


At the end of the interview, we’ll share our impressions with you about which of ThinkWell CBT’s services would be a good fit for helping you reach your mental health goals. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask questions about our recommendations, available services, and treatment approach. The outcome of this intake assessment is that both you and your clinician have enough information to start moving towards your treatment goals at your very next session. 

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